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Finding You

From local startups to some of the world’s most recognizable brands, Ethic has constructed a diverse client base one relationship at a time. Our clients include government and financial institutions, non-profits, attorneys, architects, online innovators, and leaders in retail and media.

A “Brand” is not just a logo. A Brand is an organization’s personality as defined by outside, subjective perceptions. It is real, even though it exists only in the mind.

Ethic has a deep respect for your brand and for the effort you’ve put into making it a symbol of your company and its values. We help give clarity and a visual foundation to communicate who you are, what you represent and why we should like it. Ethic’s job is to find your brands personality and clearly communicate it to the world.

Building Successful Brands

We are the perfect resource for marketing managers and directors looking for honest results from their hard work developing the core of the brand— as we are for owners and core principals who are in the infancy of an idea. We can assist with a complete brand launch or a brand refresh. At Ethic we are all deeply involved with your company, your brand and your success.

More than a logo

Who are you?

To be more accurate, who is your company?

What does it represent?

Why do your customers like your organization?

Why should your customers like it?